Collaboration with PAAJAF Foundation

The PAAJAF Foundation is an NGO from Ghana dedicated to improving the quality of life of children in the Gbawe community in Greater Accra region of Ghana. Since the illiteracy rate in Ghana is as high as 45%, PAAJAF’s main focus is on education. Main problems people of Ghana encounter are that there aren’t enough public schools. Also, the overall quality of school programs is insufficient. In addition to that, a lot of families are lacking funds to send children to school. Since 2007, PAAJAF Foundation has been providing free education to children of Gwabe region. To be able to do that, they rely on the donations from people from all over the World.

AFL Development was approached by PAAJAF’s CEO Philip Appiah needing help in finishing their new website. Since the foundation is a non-profit organisation with limited resources, we decided to help them pro bono.

Their website was using Divi WordPress theme and they were unwilling to spend additional time and resources for development of a new theme. Although we at AFL Development prefer not to use pre-built and bloated themes, we agreed to help with the current setup. Our engagement was mostly on the back-end. With the limitations of Divi theme, we were able to fix a lot of inconsistencies made by previous developers. We were also successful in implementing new functionalities. These functionalities included couple custom post types, couple templates, custom scripts as well as on-page SEO.

PAAJAF Foundation website can be accessed at where you can help children of Gwabe region by making a donation.